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Cranford Knights of Columbus Council 6226
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About Our Council

The Cranford Knights of Columbus Council 6226 was founded on May 3, 1970 and currently has over 200 members. Since its inception, the Cranford Knights have done some wonderful work for the Cranford community. From sponsoring college scholarships, Little League teams, free-throw contests, essay contests and spelling bees to fund-raising for the handicapped and sponsoring pro-life activities. They have always been at the ready to help out with a worthwhile cause.

For all of those years, the Knights have been a key ally of St. Michael's Church. Aside from lending a hand at every major parish function, the Knights serve the parish in countless other ways. Members of the Cranford Council are represented in many of the parish ministries. Our deaconate, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and ushers - even the pastorship and associate vicars -- all draw from the ranks of the Knights. The Council always does its best to support all the initiatives of the St. Michael's Parish and its parish priests.

The Knights also have close ties to St. Michael's School since many members currently have children enrolled there. Each year since 1996, the Council has underwritten the cost of the school's website. Over the years, the Council purchased a new scoreboard and wall padding for the school gym. Many of the school's organizations, such as the Sports Association and the School Advisory Board, are heavily represented by Cranford Knights.

Aside from their unceasing efforts to exemplify the ideals of their order, the Knights also manage to have a little fun. Throughout the year, the Council sponsors various family and social activities and dinners that strengthen friendships and cultivate the cooperation that is so critical in making the organization an effective force in the parish community. Aside from their annual St. Patrick's Dinner Dance at St. Michael's, the Knights sponsor family camping trips, a summer picnic, holiday parties for the kids, and a host of other outings. And, they are a fixture at the annual Feast of St. Michael, volunteering countless hours to help toward the success of that annual parish affair.

In short, the Cranford Knights do more than just volunteer their time and services for the good of the parish and community. It offers it members and their families the chance to be part of a larger community which shares the same Catholic beliefs, values, and aspirations. It is a chance for a father to set a wonderful example to his children so that they may learn, in turn, the importance of giving back to the community. It is an organization that teaches as it helps and learns as it grows.

Council Meetings

The Council meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Kenilworth Knights of Columbus Hall which is located at 191 Market St., Kenilworth, NJ 07033


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